Q. How do I set up an account with Notexc?

We have made this very simple giving you the choice to skip the KYC process until you want to make a withdrawal. Just click on “Register”, complete the 2FA and start trading.

Q. Do I need to be verified?

First level verification is done automatically by confirming your mobile number via OTP and email address by clicking on the link sent to you.

Q. How do I increase my verification level?

You can increase your verification level by submitting proof of ID documents and address proof.

Q. I am not receiving emails from Notexc (including verification)?

There could be several factors that can cause a problem like this. Sometimes the easiest solution is to start again. If you are still facing difficulties, please drop a line to support@notexc.com and we will try and resolve your problem as soon as possible. Please allow us 48 to 72 hours as there may be a backlog at the support desk.

Q. Are there any specific requirements for ID documents?

For proof of identification, you need to submit documents that are recognised by your Government authorities, also known as national IDs.

Q. What fees does Notexc charge and how do I see them?

Notexc Fees will 0.1% for the first three months for all.

Q. How do I reset my password?

Click on the forgot password link on the login page if you have forgotten the password. If you know the password, please go to “Settings” and click on reset password. You will have to know your old password and have access to your registered email address to be able to reset it.

Q. Are there any account limits for trading, deposits or withdrawals?

There are no account limits for depositing and trading in your account. But, for your own security, there are withdrawal limits. The withdrawal limit is set to ensure you have control over your withdrawals. Every time you wish to make a transaction or make a withdrawal you will require the OTP from your registered mobile number to complete the transaction.

Q. What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A Cryptocurrency Wallet is software or service used for representing cryptocurrency transactions and securing ownership of them.

Each Wallet is associated with a Public Key, which is used as an address for managing and assigning cryptocurrency transactions sent over a blockchain. This Public Key is commonly the address you will specify whenever you send a cryptocurrency transaction from one place to another.

Each Wallet also securely stores a Private Key, which is a key that secures ownership of the cryptocurrency balance associated with the Public Key address.

There are various types of cryptocurrency wallets which are used and managed in different ways. Exchange services like Notexc manage and maintain Wallets and provide you with the functionality to send and receive transactions as well as securely hold the balances assigned to your account.

We manage and maintain a Wallet for each cryptocurrency coin, and using this Wallet allow users to generate an address which is associated to each respective account on our database. You can only generate one address per coin and this address will never change.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Each cryptocurrency coin requires its own specific Wallet as each operates on its own specific blockchain.

#1. Personal Wallets Personal Wallets are recommended for your own storage of cryptocurrency coins, as this gives you complete control over the wallet and the Public and Private keys associated with it.

#2. Online web-based Wallets Online wallets are typically hosted online and accessed from a web browser. These are generally simple to access and use but may be limited in functionality.

Due to being hosted and managed by a third party, and always being online, they are not necessarily as secure as other wallet types and may be targets for exploiting your cryptocurrency coins.

#3. Desktop Wallets Desktop Wallets are accessed on a desktop/laptop computer and utilise its operating system, e.g. desktop computer using a Windows operating system.

They are generally easy to use, but require some setup and maintenance, and can be kept online or offline depending on your needs.

Desktop Wallets have the benefit of storing your Private Key on a local platform, instead of online as a Web Wallet. The security of your cryptocurrency is dependent on the security of the device running them, as well as your general online security practices.

#4. Mobile Wallets Mobile wallets have some similarities to both Desktop and Web/Online wallets. They are designed to be run specifically from a mobile device, with easy access and convenience in mind.

PLEASE NOTE: phones and other devices often have their own security flaws, such as being easily stolen or accessed by unauthorised parties.

#5. Hardware Wallets These are hardware dongles specifically designed for secure, long-term storage of a cryptocurrency, and are generally one of the most secure ways to keep your holdings safe.

#6. Paper Wallets Paper Wallets are physical printouts containing the Public and Private keys associated with your cryptocurrency holdings. They require a little more effort and knowledge to manage but can provide higher levels of security against online attacks as your Private Key is not stored or accessible anywhere online.

Q. How do I keep my Notexc account secure?

Never ever reveal your Private key and passwords to anyone. Preferably avoid storing this type of information online or on your computers. Use paper and write it down. We have tried to make it as safe as possible by ensuring 2FA is mandatory at start-up, withdrawals and transactions for your safety. But remember, you are the best person to ensure complete and 100% security. Remove large investments to private wallets for added safety.

Q. Can anyone trade on NoteXC?

We welcome everyone from anywhere in the world. The only restrictions on access to the notexc site are: All users must be over 18 years of age; and All users must have a valid working email address.

By using our site, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. These may be updated from time to time so we recommend regularly checking for updates. Users must adhere to these at all times.

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