Notexc comes with a simple moto that change is inevitable. Lengthy, drawn out, painful and tiresome, but inevitable all the same.

The monetary system evolved from the simple bartering of goods and services to sea shells then on to gold and silver coins... to paper, plastic, digital payment gateways and then online banking. Similar to the age of the sea shell and the rest of the archaic systems, the fiat system is fighting a battle to stay alive, as they all might have! I am no expert, but I would imagine they most certainly must have put up one hell of a fight. But, the better currency won and prevailed. The age of digital assets has been with us for years, maybe even a decade. You’ve all used services of online wallets from time to time, haven’t you!? You deposited money from your bank account into these wallets and traded for goods and services. You just haven’t taken the time to wonder how your money flows from one “online” application to another “online” application and then to you, in the form of something tangible, like a mobile phone or a piece of furniture that you purchased “online”. We just take it for granted and move with the flow. Cryptocurrency is nothing more than just that... an “online” digital asset that has a value equivalent to money. We can barter this asset for goods and services, or trade it on an exchange, like you would on the share market with the money in your bank.

Notexc has launched with the intention of providing you with a platform to barter your digital assets (cryptocurrency) and trade to make a profit. But our overall goal is to bring about change. NoteXC has a capability to allow any coin to be traded for any coin, but we have only listed five of the top currencies at the moment. More to come soon... Peers can register and trade their coins with other peers without the hassle of wondering if it can be “paired”. In my personal opinion, pairing is a silly notion and should not be an issue. If I want to trade one sheep for two goats, I should have the freedom, and right, to do so!

We should be able to use these digital assets to purchase goods as well. It’s an evolution, but a better one than the last. Come to Notexc and be part of this evolution (or revolution). Ten years from now you don’t want to feel like the missing link, do you?

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