Was a bubble? For investments purposes, maybe. But is still around after the "supposed" bubble burst? Is still making people rich? The answer is a simple yes. Cynics and pessimists will have you believe that anything that makes others rich in a short span of time is a fraud and scam. Well, some of the riders of the bubble are (scamsters, I mean), I wont deny that. It is for each individual to practice due diligence before jumping into a boat. Check for cracks, holes and weak spots ALWAYS! 
Bubbles come and bubbles burst, thats the way it is. But if you are careful and logical in your investments, you can make a fancy buck along the way. Human greed is punished most severely when you decide you want to ride all the way to the moon. Jump off when you think its safe enough for you to hit the ground, if you know what I mean! Someone with the financial capacity of Bill Gates would hang on till it reached half way to Jupiter and then exit. Someone like me... Id jump off at a hundred feet, thats about where it would start hurting my bank balance. You getting what I am saying?

Here are some pointers if you are looking at investing in a start up ICO:

1. Check the problem Statement. 
Is it really a problem that needs a radical solution? Does it sound like a million people would want it solved?
2. Check the solution provided. 
Do you find the solution simple and beneficial?
3. Check the people involved.
LinkedIn, Facebook, Google. Research them thoroughly. Check their involvement in that field. Even if they are simple businessmen it can pass, but have they hired the right skills?
4. Technology being used.
On what platform are they basing their coin? Research the technology and the acceptance it has.
5. Check the website. 
Does it look professional? Does it look like it has a good deal of investment? If they are financially invested, it is less likely they will run. How do YOU feel when you visit their website? Pleased? Yuck? Bleah? You get the drift.
6. Check the roadmap of their story
How much research have they done? Have they done surveys to test the feasibility and acceptance of implementing their solution?
7. Whitepaper
Read the white paper carefully. It should cover a lot of the above. if they dont have one yet, have they put a deadline to getting one to you or making it available online for public view? I prefer it being in public view.
8. Social media presence
Do they have a Facebook page, twitter feed, etc.?
Read the opinions of other possible investors carefully. Dont fall for the idiots that just write “scam" without a logical explanation. Yes, those morons are still out there.

if you have any pointers to add to the list above, please do let me know. these are just my thoughts.

Happy investing folks!

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