What is it that we fear and resist the most? Change!

But, as history is witness, with every change there will be resistance. But the resultant product of a successful revolution always results in a better and prosperous world. Today, cryptocurrencies are being met with resistance, tomorrow, it may be as common as buying your groceries with your phone. We are already half way there with our Amazon, Uber and other wallets.

Wallets have a key advantage that online banking and mobile banking do not provide. Security, Low charges and best of all, its all there in your own wallet. or wallets.

Another major advantage that will come about with wallets is planning. You can have a separate wallet with a separate cryptocurrency for its sole purpose. Goal setting will become easier. e.g.: Open a wallet for and start collecting for all car rentals for your next holiday. And do the same for other purposes and make managing your budgets easier.

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