Statistics have shown that on an average a person spends 14% to 18% of his/her travel budget on taxes, charges and fees. The ICO paradigm can change all that and leave you with some extra bucks to enjoy that holiday with ALL your money.

I came across this ICO called Darenta ( They have come up a revolutionary concept for the car rentals business. You can hire cars during your travels in exchange for Darenta tokens. They already have a working model in place and are raising funds to make this idea a reality. If I find a car rental service, or an individual, who is willing to accept payment in darenta tokens, I realise I only need to pay the amount requested for and save on all those taxes and fees that come with the bill. On my last travel excapade, I spent nearly $2000 dollars on renting a car, on checking the invoice, I realised I had coughed up approximately $300 bucks in taxes and fees! This company is looking for a way for me to save that 300 and use it to enjoy my holiday a little more.

What is your budget when you plan a trip? Now imagine more ICOs coming up for board and lodging, air tickets, restaurants and eateries, amusement parks, etc. Take your budget, and minus 14% taxes from it. Thats what ICOs are trying to save you. Banks and government will hate me for this because all they will ever end up getting is income tax.

Have you ever thought about this? If your salary, lets say, is $100000 and it goes straight to the bank, do you truly believe thats your nett worth. You already paid income tax on it, so technically, that should be true! Isnt it? Sorry, no can do! You are going to be using that money to purchase goods, plan a travel budget, buy a house, etc. etc., correct? Every time to you do one of those things, you end up paying charges and fees and most importantly, taxes. Considering this fact, how much is your nett worth now? Take away anywhere between 14% and 18% and you are left with approx. 86 to 82 thousand bucks. Now imagine getting to save that expenditure. Now stop imagining, because you are making the governments and banks nervous! They are likely to lose anywhere close to trillions of dollars in taxes. But you can act smart and keep those trillions to yourself. That is what the financial benefits of ICOs is all about.

The global travel and tourism industry generates approximately 7.5 Trillion Dollars in revenue each year. Thats YOUR money. Given that most of it is spent to cater to you, but imagine the taxes and fees you end up paying out of your pocket which could have been put to better and more selfish needs. I say selfish, because it is what it is. Arent we all!? And wasnt the purpose of the travel selfish too. You want to indulge and enjoy. Thats not a sin! Enjoy and indulge a little more by using tokens as a payment method and have fun. The future of money… ICO!

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