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Its the only way to take back control of our finances. Imagine having a wallet where you can transact at your own pace with your funds not locked down to limits by banking institutions. Humans are born with the greatest gift called choice. That choice has been taken away. Governments control your rights. Banks control your money. What do you control? Of course, you could say you control all of that by electing that government and banking where you want! But is that really true? Are you sure, one hundred percent, that the elections are not rigged/ Do you have clear and present access to the electoral system? Or to the banking system? The blockchain is an open system with visibility. When the people demand moving the electoral system to the blockchain, it will be met with clear resistance by the corrupt and greedy worldwide. Any guesses why?


Cryptocurrency will put your money into your hands. All of it, for your own use.

Why, you ask, am I so in favour of cryptocurrencies!? Ill tell you why. But you need to do something first… take a look at your bank account. How much do you have? No, dont tell me. Lets say the amount is x. Now apply the following formula.


Net worth = (x+(y/12))-z


x being the amount in your bank

y being the annual percentage of interest the bank gives you

z being the average tax you pay on expenses and purchases

So, what is your nett worth as per your bank balance now?

Now, take this same value of x in Cryptocurrency. Apply the following formula.

Nett worth = x-a

a being the mining fees

What did you get this time?


Lets see what the fiat protagonists would like to think about “their idea of money…

Currency produced by any government is, or should be, equivalent to the value of Gold in the treasury of that particular country. Correct me if I am wrong! Lets say, for example, Country A has $100000 worth of Gold in the national treasury. Per the claim, there should be not more than $100000 in currency circulating in the market, right!? Now, who, or what organisation, is calculating the losses of physical currency during fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, accidental destruction, etc.? On the other hand, who, or which organisation, is accounting for the percentage of fake currency circulating in the market!?

Is this so called centralised system working to the best optimum level of accounting, to the nearest exact figure, to ensure that the people can be assured that the money they have in their possession is actually worth the paper its printed on? Or, are they only interested in knowing how much you have, so they can take their share in taxes? Damn the overall value of currency in the market vs the amount of Gold they possess!

The major disadvantage, I see, with centralised systems is the ability to backdate and modify entries. The scope for corruption of data is immense and can be hazardous to the reality of things. How can we be sure that these centralised systems are fool-proof and correct to the best of our knowledge? Historical data proves beyond a doubt that this system is weak and cannot be controlled.

Here are five of the worlds most devastating economic disasters of all times…

The Credit Crisis of 1772

The Great Depression of 1929–39

The OPEC Oil Price Shock of 1973

The Asian Crisis of 1997

The Financial Crisis of 2007–08

A little educated reading (between the lines) will reveal that the common factor behind these crises was “regulated” governmental and banking systems. Regulation, something our governments, banks and lawmakers would have us believe is for our own good!

I can see that question mark on your face. It asking, what about the recent debacle of the cryptocurrency market!? Did you know that banks have invested large sums of the “fiat” in crypto? Are you aware that governments keep running anti-crypto campaigns? Banks dump crypto to crash the prices and governments run their campaigns and scare tactic circulars to create a fear in the minds of the common man. Okay, maybe they are just being supportive and protective of you, their electorate! Ha! Ha! I just cracked a joke! Look at me, seeing the funny side of life and all.

Anyway, you get the picture, dont you!?

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