About noteXC

NoteXC was conceived by a small group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who found the current exchange to be too complex and confusing for the common man. Most exchanges on the net today are designed in lieu of the already existing stock markets. This was not the goal of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency was and is supposed to replace the current financial paradigm of the fiat currency. This, we at noteXC, believe will come to pass. And to prepare for the day when cryptocurrency becomes your primary source of finance for your everyday needs, you should start investing now.

Notexc bring you a trading platform that is easy to use, even by a ten-year-old. And to enable the core value of cryptocurrency or being decentralised and anonymous, we have eliminated the need to deposit fiat currency and kept it strictly crypto to crypto.

Why Choose noteXC

With no need to deposit fiat currency, Notexc is completely decentralised and anonymous. You can use our exchange to build up a portfolio. But at the same time, with the feature of withdrawals to your personal wallets, you can withdraw at any time. Although, we suggest you use your account here as a systematic investment plan and look to the future.

Bitcoin Transaction

You can deposit bitcoin to your account in notexc and trade it for other altcoins which we will introduce from time to time and as per market demand.

Safe and Secure

noteXC uses the most secure systems and you can be rest assured that your investments are safe with us. Although, for your own peace of mind, we would suggest you store large investments in your personal wallets. Our security systems are tested and verified to keep it safe from possible hacks. 2FA is mandatory from step one on notexc. We leave no scope for anyone getting in to noteXC with proper validation.

Investment Planning

Notexc is ideal for investment planning. You can convert your large valued bitcoin to smaller valued altcoins which have a good solid working model and potential to grow multiple fold within the year. And when opportunity arises, you can swap for coins that are showing potential against your current investment.

The Founding Team

Erle Figg

Krishna Figg

Karan Chinoy